Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013 Week 2 - "honey, stay out of the big missionaries way!"

Dear Mom,

This last week went by super fast. I can tell why people say that your mission goes by fast, because it has been a month but feels like I was sitting on my couch at new years just yesterday. We are going to go play some rugby in an hour or so, with some high school members, its really fun, but we cant play tackle. last week at mutual we played broom hockey in our socks in the gym, and I laid a guy out, I felt bad, but his wife said "honey, stay out of the big missionaries way!" 
we got permission (we actually didnt get permission, but my comp is district leader) to play church ball last saturday, and I set up a screen on a guy, and he ran into me, and it knocked him over. the ref yelled at him for playing too aggressive against the missionaries, so I got to shoot some free throws haha. all in all, the people like me I think. I just learned to be myself and not some missionary robot like a lot of elders are.
this week I went on exchanges. I went to Laguna hills 3rd ward with Elder Wilde (stud muffin) and we were contacting, we started talking about how only few are elect, and can accept the gospel, and they have to have been prepared for us to teach them. right after we said that, we saw a man about 30 yards ahead of us, walking towards us, Elder wild said "go contact that guy, he is all yours." as soon as I approached him, he looked up at us and said "hey, you are mormons!" we laughed and said, "yup, we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ, would you like to hear a message?" long story short, we went to a near by park, and just talked with this guy for a while, we answered a lot of questions that he had, and taught him the whole first lesson (god is our heavenly father, christs church restored on the earth, the book of mormon, that kind of stuff) he told us that he was ready to find a chruch, and he was praying to get some guidance. he told us he had wanted to visit with some mormon missionaries, since he saw them in the news, and knew we could answer some of his questions. the sad thing is, he is not in my area, so I probably wont see him again, but a miracle non the less.
Sunday-monday I was in Laguna Nigel with Elder Brooks, (Awesome Guy) and we saw a pretty good mexican bbq going on, so he told me "we are going to get with those people, and you are going to invite all of the to be baptized" (that is what trainers like doing to greenies haha) so we did, we went up to them, they invited us to have some Carne Asada (sooooooo goooood) and they gave us each a can of coke. one of them spoke english, but we were able to speak a little with the others, (the ones that werent sloppy drunk) we invited them to be baptized, gave them our number and a BoM, and said thanks for the food. they were really nice haha. so much fun!

Well I gotta go. I love you!!!

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