Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014 - Pictures

 my companions - Elder Cheney suiting up for some team capture the flag.
 L&L's Hawaiian BBQ
 my companions - Elder Mo in the hood
 Brother Pickett checking out my foot. (he is just being weird)
 ​Peterson's Doughnuts' chair
 The Mission Fleet in Escondido
 Sandy's Woody
Playin' cards

May 27, 2014

Family and Friends!
We are wrapping up week 6 of the transfer, and we have no idea what could possibly happen to us!
This week we had Zone Conference, and it was pretty great. Ours was on Wednesday for Vista and Falbrook, but we also went to the one on Friday for Escondido and San Marcos, but we went to it so we could inspect the Mission vehicles that were at the conference. Elder and Sister Smith who are the Senior couple that manage our housing and vehicles assigned us to help. Mom and Dad, you should go on a mission like that in like 15 years, they have so much fun working with missionaries and help us out a ton, plus you two would be aces at it, Dad could run the fleet and Mom could sign the lease's and apartment hunt and you can do it for any mission you request, and work together all of the time and teach missionaries how to clean and maintain their houses and vehicles. or you could be the Financial secretary and secretary to the President, and help all of the missionaries with their mission cards and funds and schedule flights and
stuff like that for all of the missionaries coming and going. there are tons of cool jobs you can do as a senior couple in a mission.
This week I have to schedule an appointment to meet with a podiatrist, because I have been walking hard for so long that my foot doesn't work right any more haha. so hopefully that goes well, maybe this means I am going to need a full time car for the rest of my mission.... But I don't think it is that bad, it just hurts when I stand or walk on it :) haha
This week we are busy getting people ready to get baptized, we are facing a few problems that we can fix, but we will definitely be very busy.
We are also going to go mini golfing as a district today, and this week is supposed to be 73 degrees all week long! yea yea yea
Love you! bye

Elder James Riley Strong

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 19, 2014 - Pictures

 ​The worlds tallest Spanish elder
 Cinco de Mayo soda-pong
 Cinco de Mayo soda-pong
 Reading the Book of Mormon Sandy style

 hot day ice cream break (Elder Mo, Cheney and I)
 Chocolate and White milk (ELder Mo'unga)

 Big guy in a little desk
 Tongans love food
The horse tried to eat my name tag, Elder Mo'unga tried to eat the horse...haha

May 19, 2014

this week has been interesting...
This week, we were enjoying the trio companionship. it is always harder to stay focused but we always have a good time!
Elder Cheney (from Olympia,WA) is an aspiring voice actor, and has several episodes of Spongebob memorized, also a few Disney movies. The other day he recited all of the Emperors New Groove, doing all of the voices. It is so cool that he can do so many voices so perfectly.
Elder Mo'unga is from SLC, Tongan, and he is hilarious and works hard. We all have a really good time together. Elder Mo has brought a lot of poly's out from hiding
You are probably wondering about the fires, Vista is fine, but it was completely surrounded. Missionaries in San Marcos, Falbrook, Carlsbad, Del Mar, and Escondido all got evacuated. but, no big deal, the missionaries just stayed at members houses, and we were fine in Vista.
This Transfer, we decided that we wanted to beat all of the records in our area. We already beat highest average for weekly street contacts in a month, most investigators at sacrament meeting in a week, and this week we are working on most total contacts in a week, which is 204.. which is a lot, but we usually get 150-180 so we can try a little harder.
We saw a lot of great things happen this week, we took Sandy to see a baptism, picked up 2 investigators off of the street, and the Spanish Sisters passed off a progressing investigator to us, named Francisco(17), who started coming to church with us and is liking the English Ward better than the Spanish Ward.
We have a lot of great plans this week, Wish us luck!

Elder James Riley Strong

Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 5, 2014 - Cinco de Mayo!!!!

 it's been a irregular hot week...
 Elder Lloyd, my MAN (GQ!)
 My Baby Ethynn

May 5, 2014 - Back to Laguna for the day

 Sabrina and Lola (Tony S. daughters)
 Sabrina and I (btw, they call me Elder "one and done")
Sabrina surprisingly petitioned for me to be there to baptize her, she has slight autism, and she writes me and draws me pictures from time to time
yup, it is technically super against the rules, but PK, in is infinite wisdom and mercy, yielded to the promptings of the spirit and let me go x)
 My trainer Elder Anderson, back from the dead
 Tony's ironic license plate
 Lola and I, I am a little sun kissed
Tony using the girls room

May 5, 2014

Hello Family and friends,
BTW, before I forget, we will be skyping in at around 2-3 CA time, on Sunday.
This week has been super BUSY! It went by really, really fast. we had exchanges, a baptism in Laguna, a Mission Leader Council and a lot of lessons in between. Sandy's Baptism is probably going to be postponed, she has Shingles... :( and her great grandson (yeah, crazy) is going to be coming to live with her soon, and we are going to see if they want to be baptised together......:D haha
other than that, there are no things I really have to say, I want to save some stories incase I need something to talk about on sunday. Also, you should come up with some random questions to ask me, so that we don't end up talking about Paul Walker again haha 
Well, love you!
P.S. Chilli stuffed with Shrimp