Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 5, 2014

Hello Family and friends,
BTW, before I forget, we will be skyping in at around 2-3 CA time, on Sunday.
This week has been super BUSY! It went by really, really fast. we had exchanges, a baptism in Laguna, a Mission Leader Council and a lot of lessons in between. Sandy's Baptism is probably going to be postponed, she has Shingles... :( and her great grandson (yeah, crazy) is going to be coming to live with her soon, and we are going to see if they want to be baptised together......:D haha
other than that, there are no things I really have to say, I want to save some stories incase I need something to talk about on sunday. Also, you should come up with some random questions to ask me, so that we don't end up talking about Paul Walker again haha 
Well, love you!
P.S. Chilli stuffed with Shrimp

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