Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014

Family and Friends!
We are wrapping up week 6 of the transfer, and we have no idea what could possibly happen to us!
This week we had Zone Conference, and it was pretty great. Ours was on Wednesday for Vista and Falbrook, but we also went to the one on Friday for Escondido and San Marcos, but we went to it so we could inspect the Mission vehicles that were at the conference. Elder and Sister Smith who are the Senior couple that manage our housing and vehicles assigned us to help. Mom and Dad, you should go on a mission like that in like 15 years, they have so much fun working with missionaries and help us out a ton, plus you two would be aces at it, Dad could run the fleet and Mom could sign the lease's and apartment hunt and you can do it for any mission you request, and work together all of the time and teach missionaries how to clean and maintain their houses and vehicles. or you could be the Financial secretary and secretary to the President, and help all of the missionaries with their mission cards and funds and schedule flights and
stuff like that for all of the missionaries coming and going. there are tons of cool jobs you can do as a senior couple in a mission.
This week I have to schedule an appointment to meet with a podiatrist, because I have been walking hard for so long that my foot doesn't work right any more haha. so hopefully that goes well, maybe this means I am going to need a full time car for the rest of my mission.... But I don't think it is that bad, it just hurts when I stand or walk on it :) haha
This week we are busy getting people ready to get baptized, we are facing a few problems that we can fix, but we will definitely be very busy.
We are also going to go mini golfing as a district today, and this week is supposed to be 73 degrees all week long! yea yea yea
Love you! bye

Elder James Riley Strong

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