Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 19, 2014

this week has been interesting...
This week, we were enjoying the trio companionship. it is always harder to stay focused but we always have a good time!
Elder Cheney (from Olympia,WA) is an aspiring voice actor, and has several episodes of Spongebob memorized, also a few Disney movies. The other day he recited all of the Emperors New Groove, doing all of the voices. It is so cool that he can do so many voices so perfectly.
Elder Mo'unga is from SLC, Tongan, and he is hilarious and works hard. We all have a really good time together. Elder Mo has brought a lot of poly's out from hiding
You are probably wondering about the fires, Vista is fine, but it was completely surrounded. Missionaries in San Marcos, Falbrook, Carlsbad, Del Mar, and Escondido all got evacuated. but, no big deal, the missionaries just stayed at members houses, and we were fine in Vista.
This Transfer, we decided that we wanted to beat all of the records in our area. We already beat highest average for weekly street contacts in a month, most investigators at sacrament meeting in a week, and this week we are working on most total contacts in a week, which is 204.. which is a lot, but we usually get 150-180 so we can try a little harder.
We saw a lot of great things happen this week, we took Sandy to see a baptism, picked up 2 investigators off of the street, and the Spanish Sisters passed off a progressing investigator to us, named Francisco(17), who started coming to church with us and is liking the English Ward better than the Spanish Ward.
We have a lot of great plans this week, Wish us luck!

Elder James Riley Strong

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