Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Email February 5, 2013 - Quick Question


My companion is from Alabama. he is a fairy haha.
I got my bike and it is sweeeeet. i have only rode it once though. its really good, has slim road tires and no suspesion so it comutes really good.
Got my DL thanks.
I know there is a mall in my area you could look up online and see if it has somewhere good to eat, and there is a In-N-Out in my area. but I want to eat healthy since the members shovel food at us, so if you could not tempt too much that would be great haha.


Hi babe,
1. Where is your companion from?    
2. Did you get your bike?
3. Do you need another suit or are you fine?
4. Did you get your license?
5. What fast food places are near by that you would want gift cards to for some lunches?
We are enjoying your emails and letters.
Grandma Nelson says your letters reminder of Grandpa Nelson's letters. She loves them.
I love you.

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