Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013 - Some Pictures

 "my companion is Elder Anderson."
 "that cat's name is princess, she is super fat and sneaks into our apartment when we open the door. it is the closest thing to a pet I can get, so I feed her old food from missionaries past sometimes. the owner is crazy and beleives that "Jews are all aliens that are here to rule us, and god is an alien jew also, and he will get back at man kind for the holocaust." but he is pretty nice to us, he has a lot of funny things to say. haha"
 "Saturday night we had a very fancy 3 course meal with a sister who was the 
 "I have been keeping track in my planner of all the cars I see"
This is one of Scott's favorite cars of all times. That is why I think he sent this picture. 

 So after the 3rd picture of grilled cheese......I asked, "Are you sick of grilled cheese yet?"

"yes. I told my comp that I am in charge of shopping and cooking from now on. we are going to buy ingredients for stir fry, to cook tomorow night, a member wants me to cook for him haha. I told him I never have cooked it for reals, so he said he will take us out if it sucks."

At least in this picture he had chips and hummus. 
"Natalie has a hard time focusing on things, and learning. so we taught her the plan of salvation with sidewalk chalk. and she realy liked it. we had her walk us threw it. it was AWESOME! haha."

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