Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Email #2 February 5, 2013 To Dad "Volcano Food"

Hey Dad,

Things have been pretty sweet. The first week was long but the second went by in no time at all. I am doing really good here, I feel settled in pretty well. There are a lot of nice members that love taking care of us. We go to a Tongan Families house every Tuesday to eat “volcano food” and they stuff us full of rice and curry. My best friend in the wards name is Tony, he joined the church 4 years ago. He is pretty out there, but he is a good guy. We visit him all of the time, and teach his friends, who all hang around tony because he is a good guy. They are all typical California bums, but Tony is really nice and gets them all to come to church from time to time.

Me and my companion have a hard time getting along sometimes. All I can say is… one in four… but he is a nice kid. He uses the bathroom a lot and that is annoying just like how J is haha. I really like my area, but it is not typical California. The people in my area are actually nice. And most of it is pretty republican. It sucks to be so close to the ocean, but I can not see it. Just down the road from my apartment is Laguna Beach and you are basically on the beach. An Elder in my district Elder Wilde, served in Dana Point, and he went fishing off of the pier every P day. So that is my goal haha. I’ll Email the rest to everyone, Love you!

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