Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 26, 2013 - Pictures

 "Newport Temple, we went last Tuesday, it is BEAUTIFUL. it was 100% covered by the surrounding stakes, so it is very very nice, considering newport area down to corona del mar are the highest tithe paying areas in the world. not that it matters, but fun fact."
(I'm so happy he got to go to the temple!)
 "This is my district plus the Zone Leaders before tranfers."
 (Ahhhh I miss that shirt)
"I needed a lamp for my desk because they don't put light fixtures in apartments in California  because everyone is so cheap here haha. I SCORED this one at a yard sale on Saturday. Yard Sales are my favorite, because we have an excuse to walk up and talk to people and then we can give them money and find out what kind of things they are interested in. This was from an old lady, it is etched crystal, beautiful lamp. pretty old but in good shape. 2 bucks :) haha"
(I'm so glad he is using his yard sale skills)
 "that is Ariana, she is 6"

 "Nataly is 9, she is pretty close to baptism, she just needs to show her mom she is ready. hopefully her mom will be getting pretty close too :) haha"
" this Tongan Tornado is 3. I don't remember her name, because I only ever hear it being shouted following a slur of what I can only suspect is Tongan profanity."
"if I had money and it was approved reading material, I would buy this book. I could really use it haha."

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