Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013 Week 3 - well, My computer just crashed.....

well, My computer just crashed.....     
sorry mommy :(

so I didnt get to send the awesome letter that I had written, so let me try to write a good quick one now, sorry.

this week, I met my dream missionary friend. His name is Dan, he is an Atheist, who is super friendly. my companion always points out his house and says, "this guy is nice, but very not interested, but told us we could borrow his tools if we needed too." since he was not interested, my companion and I never went to visit him. 

on Exchanges, I had Elder Kriser with me in my area, and we were on bikes. my seat was loose while I was riding around and I just thought "hey thats the house who said he had tools". It was totally guided by the spirit.

we knocked on the door, and told him we were taking him up on his offer, he met us around in his garage. tons of tools, and mountain bikes, he is in his late 40's my guess. and he has one of those really fast, low to the ground exposed wheel go-carts, he races them, so i talked to him about it, and he was teaching us about it. he showed us the rear axle and was talking about how it affected the turning, and then he was very impressed that I pointed out that it didnt have a  differential, and that I explained to Elder Kriser how they work. (its pretty funny, most people assume 'mormons' don't know anything about 'real life') so we talked about cars and stuff for a while, (mingled with scripture) but basically we are best friends, he gave us a refferral and his number.

he gave me the keys to his car, a John Cooper Works clubman S, but I had to tell him I couldnt drive it by rule. and he invited us to go fishing next weekend, he has a huuuuuuuuugggggeeeee deep sea fishing boat, but also I had to decline. sad. but he is awesome, I will tell you more next week, so sorry the computer crashed, I didnt even get to send more that 2 pics :( sad. oh well

LOVE YOU gotta go, lunch with an investigator :)

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