Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014 - Pictures

 I washed ALL of my WHITES with a pen in my pocket... :( I almost went my whole mission without replacing shirts. luckily, our RSP was heading to the Distribution Center and was able to pick me up some underclothing but I have been scrounging for white shirts, I refuse to buy white shirts, so hopefully someone in the Zone has extra I can borrow
 Someone gave us a gift card too Habit Burger, so we put it with the Book of Mormon haha
 Thanks to Mom and Barbara, for sending a little cash, you bought Elder Wongsuwan some of his favorite Thai food for his 18 montherversary.
Hello Everyone

This week we had a lot of success, and a ton of fun (trio companionships are always too much fun)

We went out into the sticks of Hemet, and this really small community called Aguanga, we had some appointments with less active YSA members, and there are more members out there that we have never met, so we went out there for a few hours, it was pretty cool, but not as pretty as wine country

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