Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 22, 2014

We picked Elder Casper up from the mission office this week. He is supposed to go to the Taiwan Taipei Mission, speaking Mandarin Chinese. It is really cool, because we started to work with some people who were actually from China the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago we were filling our car up with gas and ended up talking to two guys who were trying to figure out how to pump gas, one was from china and the other was from Taiwan. Elder W and I couldn't talk to them very well, but we exchanged information, so when we got Elder Casper, we called them on the phone and he spoke to them in Mandarin! and they came to church on Sunday! Miracles all around!

We went on a lot of exchanges this week so it was really busy. we also had to drive to Hemet to get some work done to our car, and it rained so hard! there was a flood warning in Temecula, but nothing to exciting happened, it only rained for like an our, and then it went back to normal. I am glad that it is not as hot this week :)

Sorry, I have not been writing very good letters recently. I will try to make them better next week 


Elder James Riley Strong

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