Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 1, 2014

Dear Family,
This one goes out to those who go to the beat of their own drum.
The picture with all of people and the guitar is of some of the friends I have made in the last few months. from left to right, Robin, Jayshree, Elder Morrison, and Gary.
Robin and Jayshree are moving :( to Plano, TX. I am going to miss them. Even though they weren't looking to join a church, they still showed us much love. Robin is from... well I actually don't remember, but he is from somewhere in Europe. he is the one who built the one-off Alfa, with the 6 cyl. Alfa engine that he races Porsches with. And Jayshree is from India, she is really sweet and taught me how to cook Indian Food. we would go over there for our lunch hour sometimes when Robin was home. They both are extremely open minded and love everyone. They are reading the Book of Mormon, and they both believe in Christ, but it is a lot more complicated than that haha, but they really are great.
Then, the guy wearing the hat, that covers his foot tall pink mohawk is Gary, he is the lead singer in a Christian-Metal band called "In the Midst 777" look it up on youtube or google it, they are getting pretty big, I don't have any idea what it sounds like, but he is really awesome too. Robin and Jayshree introduced us to Gary when a random naked 4 yearold boy ran into Robins house one day. They are neighbors, and are really really different, but they still are great friends.
We had just gotten done helping Robin take down their canopy and ate some lunch that Jayshree made, and went outside to pack up some more things in their garage, and then Gary got home and we all were standing in their driveway and I just thought to myself.. this is the last time I will ever be with this group of people in this life.. I need to take a picture. so I did haha.
We have been making good progress with some of the people we are teaching, I love to see others grasp on to the things that we teach. People from all over the place with all kinds of different backgrounds, situations, personalities. It is perfect for all of them.
Love you! Elder Strong

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