Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014

Dear Family,
Holy cow the transfer is over and I get to stay in VISSTA!! 6 more weeks in this place will definitely put some hair on our chest(I already have plenty, but E. Morrison could use some), to make us the studliest missionaries in the whole universe. We talked to some guys the other day that had VISTA tatt'd up on their forheads and I gave one of them a head nod and he said "hello brothers" we are finally being accepted by the guys who run this town! Tri City Kingz!
The picture is not of a visitor from Iraq, but it is of our Samoan friend Kavika Faleumu, who played The Apostle Peter in Vista Stake's "Saviour of the World" play. It was a great show, we had some investigators who came with us to it. Our friend Damara's baby threw up on me though :(. it was cool to see how all of the youth have been so spiritual lately, and they all invited friends to watch the play!
For Easter dinner we went to the Faleumu's and ate so much that we got stomach cramps (Sister Faleumu makes ribs that I had heard about before I even got to Vista) we had ribs, ham, curry fried bananas, corned beef, rice, and strawberry shortcakes. yeah..... it was awesome. Sister Faleumu even asked us if she should bother tossing a salad and Bro. F said "Nah hunny, we don't need that..". They are a super cool, He played for the New Zealand All Blacks back in the day and their daughter is all state Volley ball champion and she is like 15. She also beat me in a rib eating contest, but that is only because I chewed mine.. haha ;)
Anyways, to recap, this week was great, but we dropped a bunch of investigators. oh yeah, Elder Ballard came to our mission and we all got to meet him and shake his hand. it was pretty sweet, he told all of us a bunch of good secrets to missionary work, here a few quotes.
"Now you can ask a few questions, but make them be about the work, don't ask me about where Kolob is, save those questions for your mission president..."
"If there was a silver bullet to missionary work, don't you think we would've given it to you in the MTC?"
After taking a question from the crowd, "Now, the best way to answer your question Sister, is that you need to FOLLOW UP with your investigators. I think someone talked about that in General Conference a few weeks ago.."
And, the two best lines he had, when he walked in, we were all standing respectfully, and he said "Hey.. do you want to sit down, or what?"
and as he left, we were standing, and he said "Adios amigos!"
Easter was packed with spiritual talks and some great love of the savior, a lot of great things in store for the Vista Zone!
Love you, Elder Strong


Elder James Riley Strong

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