Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 28, 2014

This week, I found out why I needed to stay in Vista. Her name is Sandy (Sandra Gene Luise)
She is a lady we met in front of her house. She is in her 60's and she is super spiritual. We connected right away, and here is a little timeline so far
Sat, met her in front of her house, found out when we could come back, she asked us "do you study the bible with people?"
Tues, came back, taught the restoration, she said she would be baptized if she felt it was true
Wed, taught more about Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon, set a Baptismal Date for May 17th
Thurs, She had read up to 1 Nephi, Chapter 11!
Fri, She said the Book of Mormon helps her understand the Bible!
Sat, She worked on her shed and was exhausted, we gave her a DVD about the first vision
Sun, She slept in, didn't feel very well, missed church :( we gave her a blessing and she was very happy :)
Mon(today), We are going over at 6, to have a lesson and to drink hot chocolate instead of coffee :)
So, that is really cool, huh? We are just doing everything we can to help her and get her ready. She asks a lot of questions about Baptism, because she was baptized Catholic when she was a baby. She is just a special person. goes to show that great things can happen when missionaries talk with everyone!
Other than that, things are more or less the same. We did a HUGE service project on Saturday, it was the whole stake doing projects all over the place. Vista 3rd and 5th were at the Civic center spreading mulch and planting...plants. We probably spread about 200 square yards of mulch, but the hard part was getting the mulch, they had HUGE piles of it, but they were pretty far away from where we needed it. we had 50 gallon trash bins that we could fill up, but that was a pain, so we put down drop clothes and wrapped it up and drug it the whole way, because we could take a lot more at once. it felt like football practice. the men did most of the pulling, while moms and youth raked and scooped it where it needed to go. we are all still very sore from it all, it took from 8-12.
yeah thats all that,
Love you!!


Elder James Riley Strong

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