Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

I am not feeling super inspired to share anything in particular this week, so I will jsut share a little bit about what I got to do. I got to go back to Orange County!! yeah haha. Just for a few hours, we were on assaignment from the Mission President to help a new senior couple get settled in. They techinically live out of our mission boundaries, but they are under President Kendrick. They work with Marines on Base as Millitary Relations. We helped them carry in their things and put together their bed frame and a dresser. It was nice to see San Clemente again, their is a very unique feeling between the three surrounding counties near our mission.(San Diego, Riverside and Orange)
This week we picked up 6 new investigators, which is a lot for one week. and for this area so far, that is a lot for 2-3 weeks. so we have been busy. It definately came from the fact that we have been trying to hit at least 200 street contacts every week, pushing us to talk to everyone we see, and in some cases, people we don't see just yet. Being proactive and getting in to sit down with people. The people we have met this week are mostly Marines from Camp Pendelton, and their wives, and then we also picked up an investigator by teaching her how to use! YES!! It finally happened! haha We have been trying to pick someone up when using Family History since January!!
Everything is going great! (thumbs up) I try not to say anything about the weather because I don't want to stoop to the typical San Diegans level, but it has been pretty much perfect the last few weeks,(its 76 right now and has been) but it is supposed to get into the 80's-100's this next week, it will be a little bit warmer than we have been used to in Vista.
Love you!

Elder James Riley Strong

County Line
Camp Pendelton Marine Base training ground

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