Monday, April 21, 2014

April 14, 2014

Dear Family,
It is week 6 in the transfer and everything is going smoothly. This week they are transfer planning on what will happen. So, pray that President Kendrick will be inspired to make these transfers be awesome! There is a chance that I will be transfered, I would say it is pretty close to 50/50. I could go for either one at this point, I like Vista and Elder Morrison, but I always love changes. GUESS WE WILL SEE!
So, there is this guy that keeps revolving around me, we keep running into eachother on P-day. He was at the Salon a few weeks ago when we were getting our hair cuts, and we are sitting next to eachother at the library right now, the back of our computers facing eachother. He is super nice, and he is christian. We talked a lot about the Savior at the Salon, and he is a solid believer.
I just got the prompting to write him a note talking about Easter and to give him a link to a new Video that the church has out right now, it is called "Because of Him". He is watching it right now, and there are tears coming down his face. He asked me a few Q's about our church and beliefs about Christ. I love being a missionary.

Anyways, I only have 4 minutes left, and there is a line for my computer, but the LORD comes first.
Here are a few pictures of the week, The Best Ice Cream Truck EVVVVVEERRRRR and Mini Golf last week.

Elder James Riley Strong

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