Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

Dear Family,
This week was a quick one. We saw a lot of good things happen. It was pretty busy with transfers and we went to a baptism in Carlsbad, it was one of Elder Morrison's last wards, and a person that he was close to. Crazy thing is, we thought we had a dependable ride to take us there, but, he dropped us off and said we would need to find a ride home, don't you think that someone would tell you that before hand? haha, especially since we asked him a long time before hand.
So we had to poke around Carlsbad 1st ward to find a ride home.
We tracked into a less active family's house and it turns out that they have a 14 year old nephew that is living with them who wants to be taught! It was super awesome, because they would never have been found otherwise, they had just moved their and would never have transferred their records over to the ward. SO, we will be seeing shortly if he will be taught by us or the Spanish Elders. It will probably be Spanish Elders, even though he speaks perfect English, just because he is from Mexico and all of his family lives down there. BUT, I am happy to give someone else an amazing referral, because I know I have had some great ones.  
Me and Elder Morrison have been getting along great, we are both without any money though haha so we have been scrounging from other missionaries for food. And we strategically borrowed a roll of toilet paper while we were on exchanges. we call it "Broke-Recon". Since we have been together we have had about 6 dollars combined haha, and we bought laundry soap with that. so it has been actually pretty exciting. Now I know the real price you have to pay when you buy a ton of ribs and wings for a district activity haha. We can't wait until the last Friday of the month when we get our allowance :)

The District has done better than ever these last two weeks, finally all of the training has started falling into place. (Matt. 13:3-8)
I hope that all is going well, I gotta go play some games with the Elders and Sisters in the best District in the Mission. haha
Love, Elder Strong

Faith V. aka "Faithy" eating an orange slice


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