Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 03, 2014

Dear Family,

This week has been great. It rained a TON, We went to the Temple, and we had a miracle.
The Temple was great of course, there were a couple of Sister Missionaries from the San Diego Mission working on the grounds and we were talking to them and one had a very distinct accent, so I asked her where she was from and she told me it was a "small Island you have never heard of called "Gittipez" (something like that)
I told her, "I know where that is, do you know a Sister Beretara serving in the Carlsbad Mission?"
 She jumped up a little and said "YES I DO! I went to school with her, she is one of my best friends!"
I told her "Well, she is in the 10 o'clock session right now, and will be out soon" and then she FREAKED OUT, haha it was really entertaining to see them both so far away from home, but still together for a few minutes of the day. They must get pressed a lot about where they are from because the first time Sister B told our Zone where she was from she said "Guinipigs, shhhh it's a secret" haha.
Then it rained like we were in some apocalypse movie for 2 days non stop, probably the last rain I'll see for a year haha. Because today it is 68 degrees and I wish I had my longboard right now. No one was out and since we live in Vista we were muddy from the "country side" so no one wanted to let us in. We did help some college students move out in the rain, and they gave us all of the food in their fridge that they were going to throw away. YAY!
This guy named Alex, was driving home after getting let go (he was pretty brutally fired by a fraud committing lunatic) and he was praying to know what he should do. He then pulled into his parking spot, got out of his car and 2 missionaries (Elder Hamblin and I, on exchanges) walked up to him, and asked him if we could teach him about the plan that Heavenly Father had for all of us, he then told us what happened to him and that he felt like God sent us to help him out. AWESOME!!! He is really reserved, and his wife is super Presbyterian, he told us that he wasn't looking to change his faith (he believes that no church is the only true church) but that he wanted us to tell him more about what it was that we taught. He has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ, and he is really genuine and I think that he is an amazing person. He came to church with us yesterday for the first 2 hours, and it turns out that his sister is LDS, cool huh?
And then something sad happened, Badger Bob, one of my favorite people in the whole world is going on a trip and wont be back for months. Google him, you should be able to find something on BADGER BOB. He makes helmets out of pelts and antlers and anything really, he is a crazy biker, and he travels all over the country selling helmets and other biker paraphernalia, it has been fun talking to him, he is Bro. Calkins next door neighbor, and we talk to him at least once a week, he always asks cool questions about the gospel, his wife is Jewish. They have a HUGE Doberman.
well. have a nice week.

Badger Bob

Elder Strong

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