Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pictures I received his first P-Day January 10,2013

Elder Hamblin pointing to Elder Ure
The good looking pocket watch was a gift from Zoe.
He was so happy when he received it.
A famous mission picture in front of the Provo Temple.
I think I'm in shock still about having a missionary who is in a missionary picture in front of the temple.
Elder Sobczak
Elder Sobczak(sub-check) from Nebraska, Elder Hamblin from Arizona, Elder Ure from Idaho, Elder Epperson from Utah, Elder Redford, Elder Strong
Elder Johnston from Montana, Elder Neal from Arizona (in his pajama suit) and Elder Moon
Elder Hamblin
Elder Epperson
"We figured out how to take lightsaver pictures"

"the clip on hand sanitizer is for Zoe, this is just some random Elder"
From Zoe's letter, "For lunch I had a chicken salad with walnuts and blueberries, it was delicious!"
Sister Jackson, Sister Connor from North Carolina, Sister Rawle
From Zoe's letter,"Sister Conner worked at the MTC as a IT person so she can hack all the computers in the building so we can see what food is on the menu."
Elder Ure and Elder Strong
Sister Jackson
Elder Johnston
This is Riley quoting Elder Johnston,
"Once I made a blanket from a bear that I had slain."
"I'm worried about finding away to make sure I don't lose my archery skills."

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