Thursday, January 17, 2013

Email January 17, 2013 To Scott

From: James Riley Strong <>
Date: January 17, 2013, 8:27:45 MST
To: "J. Scott Strong" <>
Subject: Re: Howdy
That sounds like a blast! I always loved those cool priest quorum activities. Hayden is a stud, he is a good kid.
The MTC is pretty crazy. we are in the laundry room right now. thanks for all of the packages. you have been feeding my whole zone.
It gets hard sometimes, because I have changed so much in the two weeks that it makes me think that everyone back home is changing a lot too. but I am sure things have been usual, and just the same as any other day. Its P day and I am doing laundry, I only get one day a week to write letters or get on a computer, and when I am on a computer I have to email my branch President too, so sorry that I have difficulties writing you guys. I sent a letter home a day or so ago, I wrote it while  I was sick at my dorm, they made me stay in there all day, it was so boring because I am used to studying for 12 hours a day(crazy huh), mixed with teaching investigators. The  spirit is so strong here, and I love my district very much, they are some of the kindred spirits that I will meet in this life.
Thanks so much for your letter, I love you very much. Thanks for everything you do for Zoe, she means so much to me. I try not to think about what will happen after my mission, but even if she is just a friend I will still love her forever.
Elder Holland came to the MTC, my district sat on the 2nd row, he basically yelled at everyone, like he always does, and i swear I could feel is breath on my face. it was a very special experience. he has a true love for missionary work. he had us join him in a dedicatory prayer for a few of the buildings that just got remodeled on the MTC campus.
I will write mom and everyone else an Email now, I hope everything goes well.
Elder James Riley Strong

On Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 2:04 PM, J. Scott Strong <> wrote:

 How are things going? I'm just laying on a couch up at aspen grove for youth conference talking with Hayden, both of us are injured and everyone's out skiing but us.  Hayden tore his ACL and I fell sledding, I was standing on the sled like a long board and ate it at the bottom of the hill and landed on my shoulder. Hayden will be made an elder tomorrow after church, kind of weird.... Mom and I talked at youth conference, mom did really good.  

Have a good couple last days In the MTC!!!  Love you so much


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