Thursday, January 17, 2013

Email #2 January 17, 2013 late night

Elder Johnston vs. Elder Holland
I forgot to tell you a cool story from tuesday nights devotional.
We got there a little early, because there is no assigned seating, and we wanted to get close to the stand. so we ended up like 15 yards away from Elder Holland. but before the talk started, someone came to ask an Elder in my district something, he tapped on his shoulder and said "Elder Johnston, you are from Montana, aren't you? Can you come with me?" and then he left for a little while and this is the story he told us. And I believe everything he says because he is a super sweet kid, and is very humble.
He went through the door that leads to the stand in the gym/auditorium and he sees Elder Holland, it was just him, and another Elder, he looks at Elder Johnston and says "Elder Reef Johnston, I'll be with you in a minute." Thats Elder Johnstons first name. so he is basically freaking out at this point. Elder Holland asked him to be an usher until he would be relieved by someone else. He looked at him and said "The Lord has something very special planned for you and the others going to Carlsbad California." He grabbed Elder Johnstons chin and said "You should probably shave more often Elder Johnston" and smiled and went up onto the stand.
Elder Johnston has been shivering  ever since

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