Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 5, 2013

This last week was awesome!
Pats Baptism went perfectly, the weather was cool, the pool was the perfect pool to baptize someone in, we didn't drop her when we were carrying her into the pool from her wheelchair, and a lot of missionaries from the zone were able to bring their investigators to the baptism, and one of them set a baptismal date after it!
Our other Investigator close to baptism, Steve, found out that he can work out the Legal problems that he was having so that he can be baptized! we set a date on september 21st to make sure he has enough time to fix everything up, and so that we have enough time to find him some white clothes that will fit him for the baptism! haha he is a pretty big guy, I will get a picture with him that I can send home.
Not much else, unless I never told you that we had to split our area in half to fit other missionaries into our ward. we found an apartment for them to live in, and we made the boundary line, we don't know if is Sisters or Elders yet. But we think it will probably be Elders.
Thats it, have fun!
Elder Strong

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