Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 19, 2013 - Birf~Day

It was easily the best one I have ever had, everything went really well! One of the coolest parts was that mail came in on Saturday so I got to open letters and packages on the night of my birthday. Mom and Dad, the package was great, thanks so much! all of the stuff in it is great! The music is great and the Tabasco Chocolate was surprisingly ok. Elder Despain is excited for the Reese's bars we will make for our weekly planning session. Jason what a cool gift! thanks so much man! Cassie thanks for the sweet tie, I love it!
Here is a brief list of all of the cool things that have happened since last week:
1) The new Elders came into our ward, Elder Peterson is from Aurora CO and Elder Whipple is from somewhere in Utah.
2) We found out that with 3/4's of the ward being gone to the other Elders we have a lot of people to find.
3) We have a really cool couple who have been watching The District on the BYU channel, and we are going over there this week to teach them.
4) I guess not much else out of the ordinary, just regular mission stuff.
Steve is doing really good, he has been out of town for the last few weeks, but he calls us and says stuff like "people don't really like Mormons very much, but they don't have any reasons why" and he came to church on Sunday and turned to us and said "how does the speaker make it seem like they wrote their talk just for me?"
I love Steve so much, he should be getting baptized this transfer, he just has some things to take care of first.
Well thats all folks, I need to prepare a talk for Zone conference and I need to get some stuff off of
Love you!

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