Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 - Herro!

So we were walking around (we do that a lot) and Elder Despain pointed something our to me. apparently whenever we talk to... people of a different culture I use an accent while I am talking to them. I don't know how to fix that but it was a pretty funny discovery. Even whith people who have a british accent, I always pick it up.
So this week was pretty sweet, we did a lot of work looking for people to teach. Elder Despain is learning that he isn't going to stumble upon people like Pat his whole mission. oh, it was Stake Conference this week and Sister Kendrick told Pats story in her talk. It made me realize and remember how awesome it really was. Elder Iauna (eye-oon-ah) from the seventy (hawaii) came and spoke as well as President Kendrick and the San Diego Temple President and his wife. there was a early session for new converts and investigators and missionaries that we went to that PK spoke at as well as Elder Iauna. It was great to see the whole zone and all of the people that they have been working with.
Splitting the Ward has made it so we are starting from scratch almost, we have been tracting more, and we have talked to everyone in the area book at least once now. We have even been taking members tracting with us, because they want to be more involved. I think that Brother Lawson had a good time, he seemed to enjoy "evangelizing" with us.
Its week 3 in our 2nd transfer together, so the time is running out. Elder Despain could get called to train this transfer, but we are going to be split up either way. I will probably get sent away. I've learned that change is really exciting, I love being able to meet new people and do new things. but I also love the ward I am in now. and having my own bathroom.
Steve has been aloof lately. He needs to kick it in gear to be ready for his baptism. I haven't really been able to tell all of his story to you but I will someday.

Elder James Riley Strong

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