Tuesday, July 15, 2014

 Temple Trip - We are super lucky to go to the temple this often, most missions don't go, or go only once or twice on your mission. This is Ethan Crisp from the YSA Branch, he took us down to San Diego
 This is an older Honda with a wolf pelt attached to it haha. the guy who owns it took pictures of us on it and sent it to his friends haha, he thought it was cool that we talked to him "about the good news and man stuff!"
 Thanks for the gift cards MOM! 
 This is an old monument that needs to be cleaned up, in front of one of the church buildings in T-mec. It is about the Mormon Battalion coming through Temecula. I have heard bits and pieces of the story, but someone should do some research about what they did in Temecula, because I heard that they set it apart for the saints to live. You can zoom in and read what the plaques say 

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