Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7, 2014

This week was great! we had a really great time with our members on the 4th! President Kendrick wanted us to go by as many members as we could, to see if they had any friends our neighbors that we could rub shoulders with. a lot of our ward was at the beach or watching the world cup though haha. 

A lot of our investigators have dropped us recently, and it has left us desolate in the realm of teaching lessons. But, the Lord has taught us a lesson on viewing everyone as who they can become. The people we know who we thought would work out great ditched out on us and the ones who we have been around but didnt think would go anywhere have been coming through for us! we have jsut had to learn to follow the spirit more, to know how each different person needs different things to help them. 

I really have felt extra patriotic this year and have a deeper appreciation for our country. I think it is because I have made a lot of friends that work at the Marine base in our mission. I know that we are blessed to live here and to enjoy our present freedoms and the comforts that we all enjoy everyday. God bless America

Love, Elder James Riley Strong

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