Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3, 2014

Dear Family,
This week has been really great, I found a new favorite place to have members take me for lunch (I promise we do things besides just eat, food and ties are our only variety). It is a place called The Yellow Deli, It is a cultish christian group that basically lives the law of concecration. If I didn't know the church was true, I would probably bail out and live with them in their "comunity". They get mad if you call it a comune, (like the ones from the 60's) but that is basically what it is. They grow, raise and butcher their own food, and they built a really beautiful restuarant here in vista, it is like a giant log cabin. I got their ruben sandwich, it was great. 
I am still lovin life out here. Vista is turning out to be REALLY COOL. I have my favorite Ward Mission Leader, Bro Voigtlander. He is a retired beach bum as he says. He basically spent from 18-40 working nights stocking shelves at a Vons grocery store, then he would get off of work, surf, sleep in the shade on the beach, wake up, surf again if it was good, and then go chase girls. He then met his wife when he was "looking for my next 2 weeks" hhaa and now he is active and he is a graphic designer/art director for a company that makes instruction manuals. It is awesome to see all of these success stories being so involved in helping other peoples life. kinda reminds me of home. plus Bro. V has 3 super old BSA Motorcycles and a 2 1/2 inch long grey goatee (spelling?), bald and wears glasses. I'll get a pic for ya.
 (my fave relief society pres is Kyle, shhhh don't tell sister skousen)  
Then you have Bro. Calkins, who is the assistant WML, he manages a Fab shop that restores cars, most of them get sent to Barret Jackson in AZ. Right now he says it is a pretty normal line up, 2 Bugatti's from the 20's and a few old classic Chevy's. He just got done working on a 1953 Aston Martin DBr3 or 3r? It was the one that Carol Shelby won the La Mans in, the project was for Shelby's grandson. Plus, Bro. Calkins Great Dane just had 13 puppies, and they are all making me super trunky to get a dog. And Bro. Calkins has a sweet mustache, like Luigi's mustache. He Drives a cherry 1960's Benz Wagon, its grey and has brown leather seats. And he is building a rat rod. only dad knows what I am saying probably haha. He kinda looks like Humprey Bogart, but with Luigi's mustache.
The list goes on and on with cool members, they are all way cool, I cant even believe it. There are either these super Hip young families or solid older families that have lived in the tri city area for centuries
Our Investigator is having Baby-Momma Drama. well, baby daddy drama. She is trying to decide if she is going to wait for him to decide he wants to meet with us, of if she is going to move on with her life. It is kinda stressing me out, because she is ready to be baptized, she just needs to take the leap of faith. She is living the Law of Chastity (does not make her boy friend happy) and is getting close to being cigarette free. She is even setting up an appointment with us to meet with one of her best freinds. I am so STOKED to start teaching her.
Well, HAve a great week!
Elder James Riley Strong

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