Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 2, 2013

Holy moly, what a crazy week!
The Mission split and I lost some really good friends to the Irvine Mission. But I will still be able to keep up with them hopefully. I am going to miss the Cooks.
I showed up to the Transfer Meeting not knowing what was going to happen at all. Then President Cook started calling the Elders and Sisters that were going to be Training. usually he gives them a call to let them know before hand, but this time he called us during the meeting. So, I am going to be training a new Missionary! I pick him up today, he is being brought in by President and Sister Kenndricks, and I am excited to be able to meet them! I have an interview with President at 2 so I am happy to get to know him :). And I am stoked to meet my new companion!
We took my BFF Pat to a Baptism on Sunday, to show her how it works and so she could feel the spirit. In the program, the YSA Bishop had every one say why they decided to come to the baptism, and Pat said "I came because... I want to be Baptized."
And then, I started tearing up and I have never been so happy in my WHOLE LIFE!
I love Pat, everything about her, I feel so happy to be involved in her journey! And she is just taking off. she is a super star!
I need to write a letter to my mission president, and I don't have a lot of time to do anything today because of meetings, so I will have to finish up with an I love you.
Elder Strong

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