Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 4, 2013

So, crazy story.
Sunday Night we get a call saying, "hey, you guys need to pick up the Felicita Elders and take them to Vista tomorrow morning. be there by 5.
We had to wake up at 3:30 to get there on time. One of the Felicita Elders was waiting on a Visa to go to Denmark, and it went through. So his companion has moved in with us, and now we are a TRI-PANIONSHIP covering 2 wards. Fun stuff

Elder Thunnel (tuh-nell) is awesome. he is a pure-bred hipster. He even lugs around a typewriter from the 80's and wears raybans on chums. He is from Highland, UT and is a super nice guy. we get a long very well. I was pretty stoked to be put with him, when I first met him at Zone Meeting I could see that we would become friends.
Covering two wards is pretty intense. It's like, whenever we are working in the Felicita ward, I can feel Twin Oaks Valley getting jealous. But whenever we are in TOV, I can tell that Elder Thunnel is bummed that we aren't working in Felicita. and is has only been one day! so it will probably be a struggle for the transfer, but if president didnt think we could do it, he definately wouldnt have trusted us to. Sunday should be fun, We have to go to both wards for church and ward counsel AND ward Mission Correlation.
Wish us LUCK!
Elder Strong

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