Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 11, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,
Things have been really good lately.
We have a surprize Baptismal Date this Saturday, and then we have 2 the next Sat. and then in the other ward we have one the next week
Covering 2 wards has stretched us pretty thin. The Ward Councils in both wards have been shaken by the reality that we can no longer do their dirty laundry on top of our investigators, and so they have had to step up a ton. I am happy with the amount of teaching we have been able to do. almost every appointment hour of the day is a set teaching appointment now :).
The Baptism for Saturday is our investigator named Madelyn. She has been going to Church for about 3 years, she is dating an innactive member who she lives with. she has wanted to get Baptized for a while, but couldn't because of her living arrangement. a few months ago, her best freind Wendy moved from Oklahoma, to just down the street from her, Wendy started taking the lessons and going to church. now Madelyn is moving into Wendy's place untill she gets married and they are both getting baptized this month, along with Wendy's son! I don't think I can really explain the long line of miracles that have led up to this point of time, but they are very evident.
Elder Thunell (Tuh-nell) and I are two peas in a pod, I am so happy to have him around for a couple of weeks, and I hope we can stick around eachother through out the rest of the mish. as long as this transfer he doesn't get sent up to O.C., we will finish in the same mission together. (he goes home 6 weeks after I do).
We have been sacrificing a lot the last few weeks to experiment on the concept of obedience bringing blessings, and it has been the BEST. I have never heard of so many miracles in my life! every other person we talk to seems to grow closer to Christ, every lesson we teach is guided by the spirit. It is so good, I never want to stop.
Next week we are going to the Temple, and the week after that we have a Mission Conference that will be AMAZING. President and Sister Cook will be going home that day, so will Elder Barnes. usually they grab an Apostle for this kinda thing, so cross your fingers for me.
Thats all I have this week.
Love you!

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