Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013 - Possibly part of the new Mission

Dear Mom & Dad

I am sad to hear about Sue, but I am happy it went easy for her.

These last few weeks have been awesome. Better than ever so far. It’s our second transfer together and we are getting along perfectly. I just had to get a new idea of how missions work. There are a lot of different things that effect how everything goes, and so far I think that our area is far from stereotypical.

Interesting piece of info from the Mission President; The Laguna Niguel (my zone) and all of the other Zones in Orange County that are currently in the Carlsbad Mission will be added into the Irvine Mission in July, along with Newport and Irvine from the Anaheim Mission. So basically, if I am in the Zone I am in now, in July (I probably will be) I will be reassigned to serve in the brand new Irvine Mission.

Pretty crazy! We will see what happens there!

My Companion is a District Leader. And District Leaders have to go on a 24 hour exchange with every Elder in their District every transfer. And since he is my companion, that means I have to also. So, yesterday I was in Laguna Beach, with the singles ward Elders. Elder Kempton was the Elder I was with. It was a good chance to experience the reason why everyone thinks this would be a fun mission. Since it was a singles ward, we were basically just trying to meet up with less active members and former investigators. And since we were in Laguna Beach, it was the most beautiful day ever! No one was home, and no one in Laguna Beach could be bothered by a couple of missionaries so we didn’t get to have a very fruitful day, but it was nice to see the ocean that I can’t see from my area. It made me feel so mellow, and took a lot off of my shoulders. I think it is because of how small it made me realize I was. The ocean is huge! And there are a ton of people in this world haha.

The Mission Office has told us a few things about mail, and I forgot to tell you some things as well. First, my mission doesn’t do Dear Elder. Second, make sure you put the appropriate postage on things, the mission wont pay on postage due mail. And last, make sure you put my full name on anything you send to me.

Not a whole lot to report on. I feel pretty settled in to missionary life, I love my ward here and how things are going for us. I love all of you J

Elder Strong

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