Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 19, 2013 - another week down

This last week was kinda crazy, Tony drug tested one of our investigators and it came out negative, so I hope that he is really off of drugs. oh by the way, I may have given a convicted felon your guys' names and Email address's, his name is johnathen allen, so be careful with that haha.

Ed Hunter took us to Olive garden for his Birth Day, he told us the gift he wanted from us is to order meals over 25 dollars haha. so we happily gave him that gift. Brother and Sister Lewis took us to a steak house the next day too so we were pretty spoiled this week.

Elder Anderson has been having a hard time with something, so he has been in a down mood lately, and super irritable, so that hasn't been fun. I wish I knew what I could do, it seems like something big because we usually can work through things and get back on track. But, tomorrow we are going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders so I will be in Laguna Beach again, for 48 hours, looking forward to it :) haha 

Lola, Tony's daughter told us she wants to get baptized, she recently found some good feelings towards "mormon church" so we are excited to do that for Tony. she is 8 but has been violently against getting baptized in the past. I think it is because we have been hanging out with her and Tony so much. hopefully this will spark Tony's other daughter, Sabrina to want to get more involved. It is a situation that is really hard to understand from the outside, but being involved so much with the family has helped a lot. 

sorry that not much is going to to write about, love you so much!

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