Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hi everybody!

Another great week of the mission. This week went by crazy fast! Elder Boehme (a good friend) had to be switched to a different zone, so that was sad. He actually got transferred into the Farsi group in Del Mar, which, is one of the only ones in North America, so he has to learn a new (ridiculous) language, and he probably stay there for the rest of his mission.

We spent a lot of time on base this week, I found out that one of my biggest fears is accidentally speeding on a military base, because the speed limits are all a lot slower than usual and all of the marines on patrol have M-16s and not all of them are particularly fond of missionaries. I had to get a temporary military ID to be allowed on base, and you have to have an active duty marine sponsor you to get one, so we had our investigator meet us at the gate and fill out some paperwork to get it done. 

His name is Brandon, he is from the Kansas and his wife Jessica is a member, they are in their early-20's and Brandon is getting baptized this week! He is really cool. super nice guy, solid testimony, strong desire to follow Christ. He always wanted to go to church when he was growing up, but his parents would never take him. and he is soaking it all up now! we have only been teaching him for like 4 weeks but it feels like we have all known each other for years! it has been amazing to get to know them, and to see how much they love the gospel, and how much they want to get sealed in the temple.

Then there is Charles, a 65 year old recent convert. We go over to his humble home and act as physical therapists, and help him work out and take care of his other needs. His life is a shadow of the modern day Job (from the Old Testament) in a matter of 4 or 5 years, he lost his wife and his daughter in a car crash, his son became a raging alcoholic, the recession hit and he lost EVERYTHING. He used to live in a really nice house in Falbrook, he had an avocado grove and horses and the whole 9 yards. And then he had a massive stroke, losing the ability to walk and move his arms for the most part. he speaks really slow and it is very difficult to understand him sometimes. He has a really hard time not getting discouraged, but he really wants to be able to walk again. he was only baptized 3 or 4 months ago and you can tell that he is doing better then he was before. He is a grumpy old man haha. he rides his little jazzy around town and enjoys seeing the sights.

Well I gotta go love you!

Elder James Riley Strong

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