Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 14, 2014

we got to go see "Meet the Mormon's" as a whole mission. It was REALLY good.

I got transferred into the Oceanside 1st Ward, here is the map of the whole zone, the Carlsbad Zone. Our ward is at the top.

this is my companion Elder Petersen, I have known him for a long time, and we are good friends. This is Charles, he is a recent convert that is a quadriplegic, we go over to his house every couple of days to help take care of him. I will have to tell you more about him another time. 

Our area covers Camp Pendleton, so there are a TON of Marines in our ward, and a lot of investigators from base. Marines are either the most polite or the LEAST polite. 

There are also a lot of gangs in Oceanside. the two that are in our ward boundaries are Pasole (where we live) and Central (they hate each other) 

But I have heard that a lot of the gang members like the missionaries. Also the apartment we live in is full of marines so we feel safe. 

I went on a Spanish exchange, with Elder Garcia. I got to ride a bike for once! And I got the BEST fish tacos ever!

Things have been going great. We are working with a lot of people right now, and we are having a lot of success. we are really happy about being companions (well at least I am) We served together in the Twin Oaks Valley Ward, he was on the other side. 

And we live 2 miles away from the beach. We run to the end of the pier almost every morning. 

There are a lot of really awesome people out here, it is kinda like my ward in vista, because that ward covered parts of O'side. it is a really interesting part of the mission. I love it.

There is a guy that is getting close to baptism named Brandon. He is a marine and is married to a member, we are going over to their house for dinner and a lesson tonight. He is awesome! 

There are a lot of people to talk to. Just need to filter out the elect! haha, my favorite!

Well, I love you. talk to ya next week.

Elder James Riley Strong

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