Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 9, 2014

Dear Family,

SO I got transferred, to my new favorite area. Here are some options of why it might be my favorite area, you can guess and then I will tell you why it is really my favorite.

Elder English is in my Zone
We are the highest baptizing Zone
We have a full time car (2014 corrolla) 
We live in a condo with a washer and dryer and a waffle iron
We serve in a YSA branch
The members in this zone are the BEST MEMBERS EVER
Our library has the most computers in it

​Well... which reason is it??? It is all of them! This is the BEST AREA IN THE MISSION, and I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER BE ABLE TO SERVE HERE!!!!!!!

I am now in the Butterflied Stage ​Ward, and the YSA Branch, and it is in the Temecula Zone. Our home ward is pretty much a housing developement (TONS of Members) with a small part of wine country (vineyards) it is very pretty, and then with the YSA Branch, we cover the whole zone, which is HUGE. Both of our wards are at the same time on, so we have to go on splits every Sunday, so for my first Sunday, I went to the YSA branch alone. That means, Branch Council as well, and I even had to give a talk on my first Sunday. And one of our Recent Converts (who is from Payson) brought her friend to church, so my Branch Mission Leader and I taught him, and picked him up. So basically, this is awesome, I don't even know how to really explain how great it is. The only downside is that we are anticipating a 105+ summer, and it will hit us hard and long. but the breeze is good, and we are in appointments hopefully anyways.

Well, I gotta go, we are busy today! love you! 

Elder James Riley Strong

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