Monday, June 2, 2014

June 02, 2014

So we played mini golf as a district (probably won't do that again, kinda felt like a group date) and then we went through out the rest of our week, met a guy named Jimmy the 3rd and he told us he wanted to add to the numbers of our church, and he came with us on sunday, he seems like he has been around, he is in his 60's and is a pretty smooth guy, just kinda seems like a retired hit man with the eastcoast accent that he has.
Transfers are on Tuesday and I am outa here! I am the only person leaving the Vista Zone and I am not even being replaced since they are closing down the other side of our ward for the time being. So I will have a fairwell dinner tonight with all of my favorite families, and I will get fat off of the Niko Familie's otai (a poly drink) and the Agurre's mexican food. It has been quite a ride here in vista, so many people look over the edge of the font but none of them jumped in. I guess that is how it goes sometimes, the Elders will keep working with a lot of them and hoplefully I will get some phone calls to come back and watch some good friends enter in to a covenant with Heavenly Father.
I have no idea where I am going to get sent to, but there is a great chance that I will love it no matter where it is, because our mission is awesome no matter where you are currently serving. But wherever I go is where I will be for the summer, so lets hope I go on the coast so I don't die in 100+ weather for the next 4 months ;) haha
I will let you know where I land next week! love you!


Elder James Riley Strong

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