Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16,2014

This week was a pretty normal week. I guess. 

I finally got to go to our family ward and meet a lot of people I haven't met yet. one of them is Brother Mckay (see picture) he asked me if I had relatives that came across the plains. then he told me a story of one of his ancestors who went into the Mormon Battalion named William Strong. Then I told him that I was one of his descendants, we did some work on familysearch.org, after dinner, turns out, he is descended from Jacob Strong's 2nd marriage, and we are descended from his 1st marriage, So that was pretty cool, huh? Apparently there is a cannon that William Strong pulled home from California that is on display in St. George.

Things with the Investigators that we have are going great! One of them, named Karlie, set her baptismal date for the 26th of June, she is really awesome, she is 19 but goes to our family ward instead of our YSA Branch, because her fellow shippers are in the Butterfield Stage ward.

The YSA peeps are all really flaky, but the work still moves on. YSA members have a lot more friends to invite to church and activities, so we pick up investigators more often than not.

These Emails are getting harder and harder to fill with stories, I don't know why, it seems like we are busier than ever...  

glad to see that everyone is having fun and staying busy in the summer. I am scared to see how hot it will get in the next few months... I have heard bad stories.. aahhhh

Love you, bye

Elder James Riley Strong

Here is a picture of Jacob and Sarah (his first wife) 
and of William

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