Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 6, 2014

Dear everyone,
I know that it has been a little while since I have written a letter, it seems like the last 2 weeks was a whole year long. So many things have happened out here.
My life has been really good to me lately, I am having an awesome time here in Vista. My Companion, Elder Campbell is a really funny guy haha. His personality is the guy who plays the boss on the BBC version of The Office...? I can't remember things like that anymore, but he is really funny. I am working with him to learn more of the lessons, and trying to help his memory, I think he could qualify for and institutional living situation with how bad his memory is.
Vista is a place. It is like Esco but on steroids. More diverse, lots of marines, younger people. It is a lot of fun, because there are a lot more potential investigators. Our WML is a really awesome guy, he knows everyone in Vista, and is a former Beach Bum. his family is all less active, except for his son who is a teacher (in the aaronic priesthood). My district is really awesome! We all have fun together, President Kendrick says that District Leaders have the choice of whether or not the Zone Leaders get to come into their meetings or not, so I kick them out most of the time haha. Elder Wilde&Smith are our ZL's and they are awesome, Elder Wilde and I were next to each other in Laguna, he is pro. He reminds me a lot of Tyson Galovich. Anyways, I kick them out so the rest of my district is more honest about how they are doing. I have Office Elders, Elder Dart and Deeben, they drive a truck and move couches and beds from place to place for our housing coordinator. And I have YSA Sisters SIster Lemon and Broadbent, they cover the Sisters in the YSA Ward, so they cover the whole Stake. And Vist 1st ward Sisters, Jones and Danielson. A good mix of personalities, I feel like our district is like the Bad News Bears of the Mission haha. But it is pretty awesome
I have been noticing that as time has gone on, I have learned a ton about life. I have learned good ways to manage my stress and to stay organized. I have also become what I think is a lot more of a nice, happy person. (I guess) I have learned that sometimes you need to be a certain way to help certain kinds of people out.. I love being a district leader, and hope that I can stay one for my whole life. It is the perfect calling for me, a good mix of coordinating the work, and ministering to others, and teaching, plus on top of that, I am still a "regular missionary" . It is like I have 7 investigators that are all mine to teach haha.
This week we are hoping to have 4 new people at church, our investigator Jozlyn hasn't been yet. hopefully she makes it.
Well, hope all is well!
Love, Elder Strong 

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