Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Dear Family,
So, here is what my day has been like so far. We went to the library, and all of the computers were taken, so we did our shopping instead. We went to costco, because Elder Deeben, has a Costco card (genius) I got a months worth of food, like granola for breakfast and I bought a few gallons of almond milk (I hope I don't get transferred) tofu and veri teryaki sauce. enough to last me for the rest of my mission probably.
SO that was cool, after that, we went to the house of motorcycles and there was an RM that was a manager there. He let me start up a big V-Star. (not my style, but fun) (disclaimer, I did not put it in gear) we walked around there for like 45 minutes or so to kill time before coming to the library again. and, now we are here.
So, this ward is pretty solid, there is not a ton of work going on right now, but we have a lot of good potentials. We got a phone call from the mission secretary that someone was trying to track us down for a blessing at a hospice, so we grabbed our WML and went over, she had been moved to her sons house, and was on the end stage of pancreatic cancer. I gave her the blessing and after I was on a spiritual trip for the rest of the night. I received a TON of revelation and I couldn't believe the way I felt. Saturday we killed over a googleplex of germs at this non member/former investigator/veitnam vet's house. it was seriously the grossest place on the earth, I almost passed out because we used a whole gallon of bleach all together. he smokes like a carton every 2 days and really needs a haircut. 
we went and got haircuts at this place called Junebugs Barbershop. It is ran by this cholo named Junior, he has a 61 cadi and a 63 imperial and an old bobber motorcylce. he was really chill. they were cool because they were really honest about who they were and what they did. to many church members try to cover up everything about who they are so it was refreshing. they charged me 20 bucks though! I gave him a hard time about it haha, I told him next time I came in I would only pay 10 and that he would see me in a month. 
not much is happening around here. we have dropped like 8 investigators since I got here, but we pick new ones up every week. half of our ward was covered by sisters before, and they were teaching a creepy middle aged man that seemed to be progressing really well according to his teaching record, but when we told him that we were taking over for the sisters he wasn't interested in meeting anymore. hmm.
well that is all I have to say about that.
love you,

Elder James Riley Strong

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