Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

So this week has been a very busy week.
we had Zone Conference which was tons of fun. It always gets me stoked to do missionary work. Our ward is planning a Halloween party for the community, like a trunk or treat, that should be awesome.
we have been running all over the place to parts of our area we've never been, meeting all kinds of different people. our area is really diverse. mostly I like going to the retirement community that Pat lives in, the people there really like us. They all ask our Relief Society President who is the manager there "Can you tell Brother Strong to come to my apartment to help me move my rug?" This last name is a curse on a mission, or a blessing I guess. But it makes people more comfortable while asking for service, I just wish the Elders Quorum would be less lazy.
I think that you would be happy to know that we passed our appartment inspection this transfer.
President and Sister Kendrick invited Elder Despain and I to the mission home for dinner tonight, and I have never heard of that happening before, so wish us luck. I have no idea in the world as to what is going down. maybe Elder Despain is going to get reassigned or something crazy like that. I just hope that he behaves himself for once... haha just kidding
well thats my letter. there ya go.
P.S. Zoe, I thought is was pretty cool you wrote me in Espanol, feel free to practice more in your letters. I had Brother Wells read it to me, the parts I didn't know, and he says "she is doing great with vocabulary and she will get the rest fine tuned in no time"
An Elder from Mexico is switching to English this tranfer and I asked the AP's to consider me to be his companion. It's a vain disire of mine to teach someone English. Plus, Elder Gonzolez is an awesome missionary.
well, love ya!

Elder James Riley Strong

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