Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hey hey hey!
So that whole thing last week was kind of crazy. I think I just needed to decompress a little bit. But from now on I am just going to always say what I want to say in Emails... haha. not that I wasn't most of the time already, I just found that you carry a lot more as a missionary and especially as a trainer.
Well, Transfers are tomorrow, and I will be staying here in the Twin Oaks Valley ward for another two transfers because....(drumroll)........ I'm training again. And I was asked to be a district leader.
So, what I have found is, Heavenly Father has an interesting way of working with me. Whenever I decide I want to eat healthier, I get worse food shoved in my face by members. whenever I want to save money and eat out less, nobody signs up to feed us, whenever I feel overwhelmed, I get more responsibility. He wants me to only care about what is important. I want to baptize more people, there, maybe I will find someone this week. 
Michaels Baptism went great! It was perfect, I would not have expected it to be any other way. the whole thing went like this: we sang, we prayed, 3 min talk, baptized, 3 min talk, we sang, we prayed, we ate cookies, we went home. boom. baptized.
Here is the secret about Steves baptism, he has to wait until he can get off of parole. We are waiting on his attorney to set up a court date because his P.O. says he can get off, but it is taking FOREVER.
Elder Despain is worried because he doesn't know what being transferred is like. poor kid. I will miss him. he has pretty much been the coolest companion. he was a really loyal friend. I knew that he was looking out for me.
Well, that's it everybody.

Elder James Riley Strong

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