Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013 - Meeting Jami Leavitt

We had the opportunity to meet a lady from the ward that Riley is serving in. She the was the great lady who sent me the two pictures and note a couple week's ago. She has a really good friend who lives here in town plus she is going to a conference in Provo next week. She offered to take somethings to Riley if we wanted or needed. Riley had asked for one of his watches and jackets so we brought them to her to take home with her. She lets Riley and his companion do their laundry at her house on Tuesday's to save money. I guess she feeds them a lot too. It makes me so happy that Riley has such great people in his life right now. She expressed her feelings on what a special spirit Riley has and what a great missionary he is already. It was a fun experence to visit her and to meet her friend and family that lives here in town.

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