Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 21, 2013 - Transfers

Hey Mom and Dad.

I think Jami told you, that I am getting transferred. I think whoever I end up with tonight, if they are okay with it, I will have them Email you and tell you where I ended up. I know that wherever it is will be a really good area.

Saying goodbye to Laguna Hills was fun. I am not really sad to leave, except for the people I have met. I am mostly excited to meet more people and experience another area. 

I bought a new suit like I said. It is grey with pinstripes. I will send you a pic of it next time I wear it. It is nice, I got it at Marshalls and it was marked down a lot, and it fits perfect. I also bought a tie with some money you sent me in the last package. It is a brand of tie called Penguin, it is a skinny tie, which I have found out are the coolest. You guys should keep your eyes out for some skinny ties if you ever want to send me some. 

The last couple of weeks have been filled with DRAMA. we had an active member who we are close to "excommunicate" themselves over an issue he had with another member. And 3 of our investigators have decided to not meet with missionaries any more. But, we have been blessed as a companionship, to be able to make it through these hard times. No matter what went wrong, we kept being positive and kept doing our best. Even if we had to tract (knock doors) to keep busy for a few hours(which is painfully ineffective), we still had a good mindset. I think this area is being prepared for great things to happen. If you think of the ward as a individual, it's heart is being softened right now, making room for miracles to be put into place.  

So I am looking forward to a new area. a fresh start. Whiter fields are in my path. I am so excited to see what happens tonight!

how is everyone doing? 

Elder Strong

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