Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9, 2013 - "Elder Elder Elder, can't you see?"


So... today is Transfer Day! and I am getting a new companion, we don't know where elder Anderson is going, but he is hoping for the Carlsbad YSA ward. I hope my new companion is a cool guy of course, I will give yall the details next week.

This week has been pretty weird haha, with conference we lost a lot of our usual routine, and  it has thrown us off a little bit. Sunday neither of us locked our apartment door, and so, naturally, our 77 year old French neighbor Monique, walked into our house at 5:57 to wake us up by touching our faces. yeah... that was really strange, we have been sure to lock the door since. 

Conference was amazing, we got to watch it at the stake center, our mission president told us he would rather us not watch it with investigators.

Our only progressing investigator is Alan, and he is on probation, so he probably will not be able to get baptized while I am here. we have not been able to find any investigators for this whole transfer really, and that kindof makes your mission super lame. when you don't have anyone to teach. The other investigators we have are Nataly, a 9 year old girl, her mom is super nice, and feeds us peruvian food all of the time, she is not a member(we are working on it), but her sons are, Nataly is 100% knowledgeable with the lessons, and is ready to be baptized but her mom Angelica is not ready for her to be yet. And then there is Liz, who has been super busy lately.

I am excited for a new companion and also a new ward mission leader, hopefully the future holds a  lot of new people to meet. We need to find a way to get people to like us haha. 

I love you guys so much, thanks for everything, I hope everything is okay. I bet you never thought you would have to say good bye to two missionaries that you loved. Thanks for being good for Zoe :)

Elder James Riley Strong

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