Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013 - Happy Springtime

Hey how is it going?

Is it finally warming up in Utah?

it is basically PERFECT here haha sorry. 

Easter Sunday was a great time, we met with a ton of members that wanted us to come over and bring the spirit into their home. it was nice, we got like 6 Easter Baskets (we gave away all of the candy to investigators) and we got fed 3 easter dinners.. but the best part was being able to teach about the savior, and everyone was so eager to hear what we had to say.

The whole town was going around to different easter egg hunts, one of the rich people churhes in the area had a huge easter egg hunt, where they dropped 10,000 eggs from a helicopter, and also had a parachuting Easter Bunny haha. It was pretty intense. A lot of people asked us why our church didnt do something like that, and we told them that it was because we spent a lot of time with our families mostly, and I think most people can respect that. 

The Bishops daughter had her Fairwell talk on sunday too. Her name is Emily Braithwaite, and she is going to somewhere in Japan, she goes into the MTC tomorrow. she gave a really good talk, I love the Bishop and his family, they are all superstars. Bishop Braithwaite is the CEO of Hoags Hospital if you have heard of that. He is super busy but still takes time to correlate with us every week. Missionaries are a huge part of wards down here, we work with ward council constantly and it is crazy sitting down with all of these business men and women, and tell them the ways they can help us and teach them how too. it is really cool.

I keep forgetting to say this; Does anyone know Anne and Bob Bradshaw? they are in my ward here, and they are from England, but they lived in Spanish Fork, by where the Halls and Beatty's and Kimballs live. Bob worked in Mapleton as the City Manager, and they lived there for a while too. They are SUPER cool, and we love them. I think they said they were in the wolf hallow 2nd ward.

Anyways, it is potentially the last week I have left in this area, I love it here, and I will miss Laguna Woods. But odds are I will stay. but I will probably be getting a new companion. We are going to go to the Laguna Hills Mall today so me and Elder Wilde can get matching ties, he is a cool kid, he reminds me a lot of Tyson. 

Well, I am out of stuff to write, sorry that I don't have a story right now. maybein the next few weeks.

Love you 
Elder Strong

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