Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 16, 2013 - New Comp.


So I got a new companion and stayed in Laguna Hills, his name is Elder Fultz, he was born and raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania. So basically, he loves chocolate. He likes to sing, and here is the kicker; He is going home in 5 weeks... so yeah, haha he is almost done with his mission, and I am supposed to make sure he stays focused, and finishes out strong.

We set 2 Baptismal dates together this week. so far, so good. and we have been pretty busy.

One of the People we are teaching who has a baptismal date is Liz, she is a cool girl, she is 23, but she wouldnt let us send her to the singles ward. She is really close to a few families in the ward. The L........ are family she clings to the most, and we have taught her several times there. Jami L...... is the mom, and she has basically said she would be our moms if we needed her to be, so we are doing our laundry at her house from now on to save money. she is awesome, she feeds us well and helps us teach Liz. Its members like this who make missionary work happen. (well, a lot easier at least)

I have been eating really healthy recently, I switched to unsweetened almond soy milk and eat more fruits and veggies. After a run in the morning I eat wheat toast, an egg and half of an avocado (mmmmmm). and if we have a regular plan for lunch I make some jasmine rice and grilled chicken. I have surprisingly become addicted to Indian Food on my mission, a couple in the ward has taken us to a nice Indian place a few times and it is SOOO GOOOOOD. Trader Joes sells a really good curry sauce that I can cook chicken in. or I make a tarryaki stir fry with broccoli. Most missionaries don't take the time to cook, but I eat really well, and I get exactly what I want, and spend the same on groceries. Elder Fultz was like "wait, where is your Peanut Butter?" and I just laughed at him. Thanks for the combined effort of parents, grandmothers and various YM leaders for teaching me to cook. 

I guess you can tell by the fact that most of the content of this letter was focused on food, that I don't have much more to say. The Mission has jsut kind of become a part of me, and I keep on going every day with the same work and same purpose. 

I love you 

Elder Strong

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