Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hey Everyone! 

This was a very good week! We met a lot of new people, and things are going awesome! We got a phone call yesterday before church, and it was some one who had met with the missionaries before, and she asked if she could come to church with us! haha it was pretty funny, I was with Ethan Crisp doing stop by's for the YSA Branch, and the phone rang, and before I pulled the phone of my pocket, I jokingly said, "I better answer this, it is probably someone who wants to some to church." haha! and it really was! Ethan didn't believe me until she actually came!

So, basically, my mission changed forever this week. I got a phone call last week, from the Felicita Ward, in Escondido. I served there for a bout a month with Elder Thunell, long enough to teach, and get close to a lady named "Susan McLaine" she is one of the coolest people I have ever met, and was baptized shortly after I returned to Twin Oaks Valley Ward. anyways, the Elders called me to tell me that I had been invited to attend an Endowment Session on Saturday, August 23rd at 6 pm, while Sister McLaine recieved her Temple Endowment. O_O I was SOOOOO HAPPY!

So Elder Thunell and his Trainer, now an RM, came from Murrieta and picked me up, and we went down to La Jolla and went through the Temple with her! It was unforgettable! Being able to see all of my favorite people from the Felicita Ward, and to see Susan once again experience the blessings of the restored gospel through an ordinance performed by the priesthood. A very spiritual experience, Elder Thunell went through in proxy for her birth father, and I went through in proxy for her step father. it was so life changing for me to see someone make all of those steps in their life, and really, fully embrace the gospel. I was also very blessed, to see a great friend of mine from the Vista 3rd Ward, Darian Smith, who is on a service mission, and working as an ordinance worker in the San Diego temple. AND I saw Brother and Sister Wells who are from the TOV Ward, and who told me that they are currently teaching PAT VINCENT the temple prep classes. 

Life is good in the hood. We found out on Saturday night, that Elder Smith is getting transferred.... wah wah. I don't know what I am going to do with out that guy, he is an amazing missionary. The ward is going to miss him a lot. we have a lot of work to do, whoever my next companion is, so it is going to be an exciting transfer!

Love you!

Elder Strong

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