Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 3, 2014

Things are going fine, we are pretty busy but it will probably slow down a lot if we don't find a bunch of new investigators soon. The Pereyra baptism went really well! I got to baptize Haley and Elder Petersen baptized Nikko. and then on Sunday, Elder Petersen confirmed Haley and I confirmed Nikko. I am glad (and so is everyone else) that this family is now on the same track together. and that they can all help each other rely on the Lord.

Things are going to be really busy next week, we have a big conference with Elder Teh, and he will probably call on me to do say something since I haven't read any of the talks he asked us to review yet haha.

That's about it, just livin the dream. It has been really chilly here the last couple of days, especialy last night. I just got over a cold, and I was pretty out of it for a few days, Elder Petersen had to take care of me and deal with my extra dose of grumpy. and he had to handle all of the phone calls because I had no voice and I passed out early each night when we got home. but now I am only a little bit sick, but I am always ill. haha!

Alright, well, have a nice week.

Elder Strong

Elder James Riley Strong

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