Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 28, 2013 - No big email this week just a conversation

Riley: haha Mom you say the funniest things! How come it seems like our family got 80% more country once I left? haha, or maybe I just got less 'country' since I've been gone. Either way, it's still funny to me. I'm glad everyone found a way to be more industrious and that Cassie is still going through a Harry Potter phase. people in San Marcos and most of the people in Escondido would be jealous of deer hunting, it is like the Benjamin or Lake Shore of San Diego. A lot of people ask me about hunting when they find out I'm from Utah and I have to teach them a little about it. I remember the time I told grandpa I didn't really care for hunting, but I like the idea of getting your own meat naturally. I felt kind of bad after that. well anyways, sounds fun!

Mom: I think you are turning into a city boy! Lol

I'm glad you think I'm funny! :) 

Riley: well, before I left we all made it seem like those things were apart of our life but we never actually consistently did them. I feel the same but I think I am turning into the person who has to eat his words a lot, because the more I experience life here, the more I love it. I can actually tell when the air gets dry! I never knew there were so many little things in life that added up to make it awesome!

haha what does city boy even mean?

Mom: I'm glad you are loving it! I'm glad you feel your love is awesome!

What do you mean by "I can actually tell when the air gets dry!"????

Riley: haha, maybe someday you will see

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